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Park Home site Setup Oklahoma

When arriving at the destination, we’ll ensure your prefabricated house is unloaded correctly.

Even though each manoeuvre is unique, our operatives have dealt with all kinds of situations previously and can confidently manage any situation that comes their way.

Re-assembling the skirting, stairs, decking and whatever is required and re-establishing the services such that your park’s house is left as we first found it is possible if you desire it.

We can also just carefully unload it at the new trailer park if you are going to use a different contractor for these tasks. We are always happy to work with what suits our customer’s needs best.


What services do you require?

Park home refurbishment works.

Whether you are moving straight into your newly relocated park home or you are carrying out some remedial works first, we can help. Once your home has been located at its new park, then if you require any restoration or remedial works to be carried out, we have many contacts of trusted contractors within the industry that we will happily pass on the details of to you.

These companies are accustomed to park home remedial works, and you can be sure to know that you are in safe hands for whatever works are necessary.

If you’re looking for a mobile home relocation company that specializes in the setup and site preparation of your manufactured home, then Oklahoma Mobile Home Movers can help. We’ll provide all the necessary equipment and workforce to ensure you have everything you need to move into your new home successfully. Contact us today to discuss our services.

Mobile home Refurbishment near me

At Oklahoma Mobile Home Movers we are here to serve our customers in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma. If you found our website by searching for ‘mobile home refurbishment near me’ or ‘trailer repairs near me’ then we are likely to cover your area.

Whatever your needs are we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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